February 7, 2023: Skin cancer on the face is common, but there is a way to remove it while also preserving healthy tissue. It’s called Mohs surgery. In this Hometown Health podcast WDBJ7 anchor Jean Jadhon talks with a surgeon to find out how the procedure is done and how it’s different than traditional surgery. She also spoke with a patient who just recently had Mohs surgery done on his nose.

December 21, 2022: Addicted to Chance: A gambling addict shares his story. With sports books legalized and more casinos popping up, more people are betting. Experts say that means more people will become addicted. Gambling can destroy someone not just financially but emotionally. What are the signs? How can you find help for yourself or a loved one? WDBJ7 anchor Jean Jadhon talks to a man who overcame his addiction and now helps others, and we’ll hear from experts on problem gambling in this episode of Hometown Health.

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