Hometown Stories Podcast

From hard-hitting to heartwarming, Hometown Stories will guide you through the Blue Ridge Mountains and into the heart of Virginia. Hometown Stories is a production of WDBJ7-TV based in Roanoke, Virginia.

October 6, 2020: Meteorologist Brent Watts is a local TV staple. Known for his trustworthy forecasts, his service to the community and his sense of humor, Watts now finds himself on the mic in a while new way. In this episode of Hometown Stories, weather for the ear.

September 7, 2020: Cities are getting hotter, but not evenly. Studies suggest poorer parts of cities are bearing the brunt of brutal summers. And more studies are working to prove that. Meteorologist Ian Cassette takes a drive around Roanoke to measure the urban heat island effect and discover ways to battle rising inequality with rising temperatures.

August 24, 2020: In a series we call Lighter Fare, our editor Ben Riquelmy tries to get to the bottom of his messy closet and initiate a quarantine clean.

August 14, 2020: It’s been three years since the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. What has happened since then? What is still to come? In this episode of Hometown Stories, we hear from WDBJ7′s Pete DeLuca who covered the events that unfolded that day. And we catch up with the families who were among those most affected by the violence.

August 12, 2020: President Trump just signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law. What could this mean for our local communities? And how did proper care of our parks, like the Blue Ridge Parkway, get pushed off for so long? In this episode of Hometown Stories, we’re taking a drive onto the parkway and detouring into the history of a bill so many are calling historic.

July 31, 2020: Just how well is your face mask stopping your spittle? Face masks are still one of the most widely recommended ways to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. In this episode of Hometown Stories, we’re asking researchers at Virginia Tech to test their effectiveness in the lab, letting their own bacteria do the talking.

July 21, 2020: The Covid-19 pandemic has moved college lectures to living rooms and graduations to front porches. In five, 10, 15, or 100 years from now, what will be remembered about this time? In this episode of Hometown Stories, we’re meeting an archivist from Virginia Tech who’s not waiting until after the pandemic to answer that question.

September 16, 2019: Regine Archer says becoming an American Citizen was one of the best days of her life. She spent part of her teenage years in hiding. In Episode 1 of Hometown Stories, you’ll hear from Regine about growing up as a Jew in Belgium during WWII, where and her sister hid in a convent where only the Mother Superior and a priest knew their true identity. Now a resident of southwest Virginia, Archer recalls what it was like to hide from Nazis, live off of rations and experience liberation by the Americans.

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