WDBJ7 Weather App

The WDBJ7 Weather App is designed for people on-the-go. Whether you’re a mom that wants the forecast to plan the day, or you’re working on an outdoor project and need to know where the rain is. You’ll get that and more from our meteorologists on this FREE mobile experience.

The advanced weather app is available for most Android operating phones/tablets as well as Apple devices. Click the links below to download the app from your App Store.

iOS Users Download Here!

Android Users Download Here!


  • 10-Day Forecast by zone
  • Hour-by-hour Forecast
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Interactive Radar Map
  • Precipitation and Lightning Alerts
  • Video Forecasts from WDBJ7 meteorologists
  • Watch Live Newscasts and Severe Coverage
  • Spanish language support


DOES THE APP WORK ANYWHERE I GO? The weather app will work anywhere your provider has a reliable data feed available. This means you can take the app with you on your bike, in a car, a boat, and on vacation and still get the weather forecasts and weather alerts.

HOW DO I CHANGE MY FORECAST LOCATION ON THE APP? To add locations, click the city/town at the top of the app. Use the search box to find the locations you want. You can also edit the names of these locations to something like “Grandma’s House” or “Myrtle Beach Trip” by clicking the button with three dots.

HOW DO I GET THE APP TO FOLLOW ME WHEREVER I GO? This is one of the best features of the WDBJ7 Weather App. By clicking on the three lines in the top-right of your app, then select “Location” to see all your searched and saved locations. Select “Follow Me” to have the app deliver forecast, alerts, and radar for wherever you go. You can always switch back to a saved location at any time by clicking on the town name at the top of the app, then chose your desired saved location.

WHAT IF I WANT TO GET ALERTS FOR ANOTHER LOCATION BESIDES MY CURRENT ONE? That’s simple to do. You’ll want to click the icon with three lines in the top-right of the app, then tap “Location.” If you haven’t already searched and saved several locations, do that in the search box. Click the three dots next to the location you’d like to monitor and tap “Enable Notifications” to receive weather alerts for that location. You can also give it a nickname if you want.

CAN I CHOOSE WHICH WARNINGS/WATCHES I RECEIVE? YES! The WDBJ7 weather app will receive all weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service. To select which weather alerts you’d like to hear, tap the icon with three lines at the top-right of the app, then select “Settings," followed by “Weather Notification Types.” There you will see all the types of weather alerts that can be received. Green means they are toggled on. You can also tap the arrow buttons under Severe, Flooding, Winter, Tropical, Marine and Other, to see additional alert types. (Make sure “Notification Sounds” are turned on in “Settings” tab and be sure your phone volume is up and not muted!)

WHICH ALERTS DO YOU SUGGEST I KEEP ON? We suggest you at least keep the Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Warning and Flash Flood Warning turned on so you’ll have time to take shelter. You may want to leave off many of the others such as Wind, Heat, and Winter. NOTE: Weather alerts will always appear in your home screen of the app, these are just ones that you will be sent audible alerts for. (Make sure alerts are turned on and your phone volume is up!)

I’M NOT GETTING SEVERE WEATHER ALERTS, WHAT SHOULD I DO? There are a few reasons you might not be getting or hearing your selected severe weather alerts.

  1. Be sure your volume is up and your device is not muted or in “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  2. Under Settings, be sure “Notification Sounds" is turned ON.
  3. You may not have selected an area to receive alerts for. Tap the location name at the top of the app. There should be a bell icon next to the locations you want to be monitoring for alerts. You can monitor several areas. Example: A family member across town, a vacation spot, or even a child’s baseball field.
  4. Your area may not actually be under a warning. Severe Storm, Tornado and Flood alerts are not always issued for entire counties. Instead, they are issued using polygons, which may cover only portions of counties.

MY FORECAST DOESN’T MATCH THE ONE ON TV The 7Day forecast we show on television is based on a general forecast for the Roanoke area. The WDB7 mobile app is designed to give you a personalized forecast that is geo-located for your specific area. That means the forecast could vary from someone 5-10 miles away from you.

WHY DO YOU HAVE ADS AND PRE-ROLL VIDEOS? Much like commercials on TV, ads are the way we keep the advanced mobile weather experience FREE for download and updated with the newest features. We try to minimize the number of ads and will even turn them off on videos during severe weather for a better user experience.