HELIXintel's quick delivery helped to keep condo complex residents safe at home in the aftermath of deadly Hurricane Ian

Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 9:05 AM EST

Sourced component got Estero's West Bay Jasmine South Tower operational in just days

ESTERO, Fla., Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- HELIXintel, a Buffalo-based software company that helps companies manage their properties and equipment, saved the day for residents at the West Bay Club in Estero, Fla. After the deadly Hurricane Ian storm landed, HELIXintel jumped into action to support the Jasmine Bay tower when one of the tower's main circuit breakers was ruined in the flooding. Although other service providers told the facility team that it could take months to repair, HELIXintel was able to source, deliver and replace a circuit breaker component that is no longer in production. Thanks to the extensive HELIXintel network, West Bay acquired a replacement part and became operational in a matter of days. Once placed in service, power, HVAC and running water were restored to hundreds of tower residents.

Hurricane Ian flood waters wreaked havoc on West Bay Club's 21-story West Tower in September....
Hurricane Ian flood waters wreaked havoc on West Bay Club's 21-story West Tower in September. Fortunately, they had HELIXintel to help them source an obsolete circuit breaker that allowed them to restore power in just a couple days. (Photo courtesy of West Bay Club)(PRNewswire)
"HELIXintel saved the day for us when our electrical systems were severely compromised due to  Hurricane Ian."

"HELIXintel saved the day for us when our electrical systems were severely compromised due to destruction caused by Hurricane Ian. Within days their platform allowed us to source a critically needed but discontinued circuit breaker part," said Will Rego, Jasmine Bay's Community Association Manager. "Using their platform was key for us to re-establish power, HVAC, elevators, and water supply for 108 units in our 21-story Jasmine Bay South tower. HELIXintel's platform bridged a massive gap between the expected lead time for the part versus what our residents expected, which was to successfully restore full power to Jasmine Bay South as soon as possible. Their platform made all the difference in having electricity and water within days and saving residents from relocating or taking shelter away from West Bay. They found the part in Texas, and even with having to coordinate with FPL to disconnect power temporarily for re-installation of the circuit, we were up and running within 48 hours! It was a real lifesaver for West Bay residents and gave them a greater respect for the HOA for being on top of things."

Troon Privé manages West Bay Club and specializes in homeowner association management, private residence clubs, estate management and associated hospitality venues. They relied heavily on HELIXintel to successfully complete this project.

"We are uniquely positioned to help companies of all sizes and industries recover faster from the catastrophic effects of natural disasters helping them to source equipment parts needed for facility repairs," explained Eliot Powell, HELIXintel's CFO and West Bay Club resident. Our task management tool also helps with tracking, assigning, and scheduling tasks internally and externally. We understand the importance of cutting delays and expenses that interrupt daily operations and we offer effective solutions. I knew HELIXintel would be the perfect resource for the HOA in helping to replace the circuit breaker."

"The aftermath of Hurricane Ian was a very difficult time for so many of the residents at The West Bay Club", said Ricardo Catarino, Senior Vice President at Troon Privé. "We were fortunate to have the HELIXintel company expertise in the procurement of a very much needed breaker for a 21-story high-rise. In the very demanding job of protecting community assets, it is a relief having a partner such as HELIXintel."

HELIXintel's interactive platform empowered building management to swiftly locate and rush-deliver the part to the building. Let HELIXintel help you. For businesses and communities in immediate need or those who want to learn more about preparedness for the next hurricane or disaster, please visit HELIXintel.

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