Solutions for poor fitting dentures

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Dentures are a lifesaver for people with tooth loss or severe decay. The American Dental Association estimates that over 30 million Americans wear dentures. Not only are they essential for chewing a wide variety of food, they also make speech clearer and enhance facial bone structure to combat signs of aging.

Poor fitting dentures can be painful and dangerous. Gum irritation can cause abrasions and lesions, opening opportunities for infection. Slippage can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Bad alignments can damage any remaining teeth and cause jaw problems.

There are several solutions to dental problems: readjusting, relining, using adhesives, and adding implants are a few.

As people age their gum line and bone structure can change. This can cause traditional dentures to become loose or rub the inside of the mouth. A readjustment can correct the aging fit and make dentures more comfortable.

A reline of dentures is similar to a readjustment, but it focuses on the part of the denture that sits against the roof of the mouth. There are two types of reline: soft and hard. Soft relines can be done by a dentist in their office. A hard reline usually requires the dentures to be sent to a lab, which takes longer. The hard reline can last years longer than a soft reline.

Denture adhesives can be used to temporarily help with loose fit. Adhesives are available as pastes, gels, and creams across a variety of brands. According to the FDA, well fitting dentures should not require adhesives.

The Denture & Implant Center
The Denture & Implant Center

Dental implants are a good solution for long term fit and comfort. One type of implants is Mini Dental Implants or MDIs. MDIs are inserted into the jaw bone by hand and acts as anchors for dentures. Dr. Raymond Munz of The Denture & Implant Center says, “MDIs are an excellent option for replacing missing teeth, stabilizing loose dentures and may be more suitable for those with medical complications. He adds, “Typically there is no bone grafting, cutting of the gums, or stitches and require less recovery time.” Many patients are able to use their existing dentures with MDIs.

It can be tricky to choose the right solution to ill fitting dentures. The doctors and staff at The Denture & Implant Center are available to find the right solution for everyone.

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