Cats and Kittens Want YOU for Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month

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June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month and, Old Dominion Veterinary Clinic is here to help! We are entering the peak kitten season and there’s not time like now to adopt, foster, or volunteer!

Most people know adoptions are available. Virtually every community has an animal shelter of some sort where dogs and cats can be adopted. But did you know, there are many other ways you can help out during Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month that don’t involve actual adoption.

  • Social Shares - Use your social media space to raise awareness. Simply post, tweet, share that it’s Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. Share images, memes, fun facts, anything helps to raise awareness of the need to adopt.
  • Help Promote - Contact your local shelter or rescue group and ask if they have a donation wish list or other flyer they’d like to you to post around your office or neighborhood. They may be holding special events for Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month which you can help promote.
  • Foster or Volunteer - Sign up as a foster parent or shelter volunteer then tell your friends how great it is. Most shelters will take all the help they can get. Volunteers may help groom, feed, and care for pets and the pet facilities. They often need help photographing the animals or doing other administrative type duties.
  • Donate - Donate to your local shelter or rescue group. There are 2 things every rescue shelter needs... volunteers and money.
  • Share Knowledge - Pass on an understanding of the importance of pet adoption to the next generation. Share the knowledge. Maybe you aren’t able to volunteer or adopt right now, but sharing the word amongst your circle will keep it top of mind.

Here at Old Dominion, we’ve put together a helpful adoption checklist. Getting a new kitty is a huge life event, and a pretty big deal for both you and Fluffy. It’s important to get things started out on the right paw with your new buddy. In this article, a local Roanoke, VA vet provides a kitty preparation checklist.

  • Food - Shelters often rely on donations, so Fluffy may have been eating a variety of different foods. You’ll want to get her started on a high-quality kitty food. Opt for something that is appropriate for your furball’s age, size, and health.
  • Vet - Speaking of veterinarians, one of the first things you’ll want to do is take Fluffy in to meet her new doctor. Your feline pal will likely already be fixed, but she’ll need microchipping, parasite control, and a full exam, as well as any recommended vaccines.
  • Litter - For the most part, you can get any litter you like. However, if your furry buddy is still a kitten, you’ll want to avoid clay and clumping litters for now. Baby cats can be a bit clumsy. This is adorable, but it can cause problems in the litterbox. Your feline friend could accidentally ingest litter, which, with these types, could cause dangerous intestinal blockages.
  • Toys - Cats are all unique purrsonalities, and they all have their own preferences. Some kitties like laser pointers, some like bouncy balls, and some like catnip mice. (Fluffy may ignore all of these and play with a bottlecap, but that’s another topic.) Pick up a variety of toys, and see what your pet likes best.
  • Furniture - Fluffy will feel more comfortable with some things that were made to suit her. Cat towers are great, but kitties also appreciate things like pet tents, window seats, and, of course, comfy beds.
  • Kittyproofing - Never underestimate Fluffy’s ability to get into mischief. Do some kitty proofing to make your home safe for her. Some things you’d want to address include toxic plants, wires and cords, medicine, chemicals, and small or sharp objects.
  • Camera Apps - You’ll want to take lots of photos of your new buddy. Make sure your phone or camera is ready to go!

Do you need to make an appointment for your kitty? We’re offering a $1 “Nose to Tail” exam for new clients. You can also visit us online or stop by any time – we can’t wait to meet you!