The Academy Theatre renovations

The newly renovated front cost around 22-million dollars to complete.

Patricia White-Boyd appointed to Roanoke City Council

Roanoke City Council is back at full strength. Today, members appointed Patricia White-Boyd to fill the unexpired term of John Garland, who recently resigned.

Bus driver charged after assault

Police arrested a man for assaulting a bus driver, but now that driver faces charges as well.

Little black dress initiative

You may notice a new fashion trend this week -- hundreds of women wearing the same black dress for seven days.

Covington drug take-back

Often, drug abuse comes not from a street dealer, but out of the medicine cabinet at home. That's why it's important to get rid of unneeded medicines, and to do it properly. In Covington, they're trying to make that a little easier.

Blacksburg to allow urban chickens?

Several of our hometowns allow families to keep chickens on their property, in residential urban neighborhoods.


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