7@Four: Pride of Salem Pt. 2

The band is back home and they were kind enough to come on the show today to talk about their Disney World performance.

Fri Dec. 14, midday FastCast

Scattered showers will become numerous today with a high near 40.

Hometown Eats: Lefty's Main Street Grille in Blacksburg

If you ask the locals in Blacksburg where you've got to eat, you'll likely hear a lot of them answer Lefty's Main Street Grille.

Fri Dec. 14, morning FastCast

We have an elevated flood risk as we head through the weekend.

Man pleads guilty to manslaughter

In Montgomery County, a man has pleaded guilty for Involuntary Manslaughter in the death of his wife.

35th annual FFE banquet

15 players of the week and 4 coaches of the year

Mayor on 20 years of developing a small town

While most American small towns face struggles, some thrive. One Mayor has seen both.


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