7@Four: ILY: Hang Up and Drive

Don't text and drive -- we hear it all the time. Roanoke Children's Theatre is bringing that message to life in a whole new way,

Sledders enjoy winter weather

While cleaning up after the snow storm can be a lot of work, people are still making sure to enjoy the snow before it's gone.

Tire Safety 101

Sometimes it's inevitable, having to drive through the snow. But is your car prepared? Are your tires safe?

Danville snow cleanup

In Danville, crews are still working to get neighborhood roads cleared after a record-breaking snowfall.

Ski and Snowboard shops see bump in sales

In Blacksburg some ski and snowboard shops are reporting a bump in business thanks to the snowstorm.

NRV Power Outages

In Montgomery County, power has been restored to most homes, as cleanup from yesterday's snowstorm continues.

Rescue squads work together

In Blacksburg, two local rescue squads are sharing a home after a pipe burst, and left one facility under water.


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