Lavender farming in Rockbridge County

Lavender farming in Rockbridge County

Lavender farming is growing in popularity here in the United States. The trend includes one farm in Rockbridge County, where the owners recently stopped raising horses to grow lavender full-time.

Weather balloon caught on camera Tuesday night

A rare glimpse of a weather balloon 20 miles above the earth.

VT cadet uniform

We have a pretty cool update to a story we first told you about in April. You may remember the story of Virginia Tech's Corp of Cadets Museum Curator who was working to restore what she thought was the oldest existing cadet blouse.

Salem Museum gallery

Salem students and residents who have been recognized with a first place win in a competitive process at the state level or above, will be apart of it. Right now the oldest confirmed champion who will be included is from 1916 - but museum staff is looking for more artifacts to include.

GTO ceremony

Three new cadets have joined the ranks of Lynchburg's Growth Through Opportunity Program. It's a program for young adults who may be living with disabilities and need assistance with social and career experience.

Re-imagining 419

The county has been working on it for three years, re-imagining the 419 corridor near Tanglewood Mall. The plan calls for an urban area with a mix of commercial and residential development

Moody funeral

A life, a legacy --- a brotherhood. Today, firefighters from all over our region gathered to remember Patrick Moody. He died last week from stage four colon cancer


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