Film lab students walk the red carpet and show off their work

Tue May 22 20:50:38 PDT 2018

Film lab students walk the red carpet and show off their work

Some local students walked the red carpet in Roanoke, picking up major awards for their work on the silver screen.

Teens N Tots

Deputy Jeff Holland raced Cullen Taylor down the hall on Big Wheels. The deputy said Taylor gave his all to win the race.

Roanoke church appeals for help with major repairs

Greene Memorial United Methodist Church has a long tradition of reaching out to the community, but now the Roanoke congregation is asking others for a helping hand.

Triathlon parkway feedback

The National Park Service is asking for feedback to decide whether or not a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway will be used for next year's Ironman Triathlon.

Southeast Roanoke abandoned homes

A drop in temperatures means the risk for home fires increases, especially when squatters looking to stay warm light fires in abandoned houses.

Second Amendment sanctuary

After a historic win for state democrats this election, one of our hometowns is pushing back, declaring itself a "Second Amendment Sanctuary."

Natural Bridge chair tests

This chair normally rests in the museum of the Rockbridge Historical Society, but the chemistry lab at Washington and Lee is doing some tests on it to see exactly what kind of paints and treatments were used to decorate it almost two-hundred years ago.


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