THUR Dec 6 Noon

Dry and chilly conditions continue for the next few days. A strong system looks to make an impact on Sunday.

Festival in the Park draws crowd

People packed downtown for the 51st annual Festival in the Park on Sunday.

A look back at Bart Starr's visit to Raonoke Valley

Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback and coach Bart Starr died on Sunday at age 86. In this video from WDBJ7's archives, Starr visited the Roanoke Valley in 1995 to benefit the United Way.

Community comes together after church fire

The members of New Hope United Methodist Church didn't let a fire that scorched church pews prevent them from holding a worship service on Sunday.

Man arrested after police pursuit on I-77

A man was arrested after refusing to stop for Virginia State Police, leading them on a pursuit, ramming one VSP car and rear-ending another.

Sunday May 26th Evening FastCast

Severe storms possible this evening. More summer heat this week.

Remembering Dre'yon

Hundreds gathered to remember Dre'yon Browley, who was shot near E.C. Glass High School.


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