6 Chief Crime Reduction

Roanoke's police chief has been criticized in the past for his reluctance to allow a free-needle exchange program as part of dealing with the opioid crisis. That has changed - now that his signature of approval is headed to Richmond along with an application for the program.

TUES June 25 AM

A front pushes through today bringing slightly cooler afternoon temps and slightly lower humidity. Breezy Northwest winds with gusts around 25 mph expected today.

June 24 2019 Birthdays and Anniversaries

June 24 2019 Birthdays and Anniversaries

D-Day WWII camp

A group of kids is stepping into history this week at the D-Day Memorial. They're participating in a variety of activities as part of this summer's War II Summer Camp.

Blairs new fire truck

The fire and Rescue department has not had a new truck since 2013. Twenty percent of the money came from the county, but the rest of the $500,000 dollar new truck came from community fundraisers

Metis building

The former Allstate building is now teeming with life again, now that the building is nearly 100 percent full. Now dubbed, "the Metis Building," business leaders say they're focused on supporting not just the building but the community around it.

Bedford CTB money

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has agreed to invest 300-thousand dollars, to determine how a proposed train platform in the town of Bedford might impact ridership for Amtrak


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