The D-Day Invasion: Bedford’s Burden, Part 1

The D-Day Invasion: Bedford’s Burden, Part 1

WDBJ7 aired “The D-Day Invasion: Bedford’s Burden” in 2009 during our coverage of the 65th anniversary of the Normandy landing. The program documented Bedford’s sacrifice in 1944 and followed D-Day veterans as they returned to Normandy 50 years later. Hosted by former WDBJ7 Anchor Keith Humphry, the program included interviews that first aired in 1994. In the first segment, The story begins on the beaches of Normandy as the largest invasion force in history launches the assault on June 6, 1944.

Radford POP!

The City of Radford is encouraging businesses to put their best face forward by making upgrades to their storefronts.

Danville popup shop

The Danville Mall is hosting a contest in search for the next great pop-up shop in the city

Buena Vista Walker development

Redevelopment plans took another step forward in Buena Vista.

Military spouse opportunities

State leaders, employers and veterans began brainstorming ways they can reduce barriers for military spouses to find employment.

Drake White health

Country singer Drake White is opening up about his health after nearly collapsing while performing in Roanoke over the weekend.

Roanoke City bus delays

School buses have been reportedly showing up to pick up, or drop off, students more than an hour late.


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