Mill Mountain Theatre Fringe Series Tackles diificult subject

Thu Jun 20 07:19:02 PDT 2019

Mill Mountain Theatre Fringe Series Tackles diificult subject

A look through Pulaski’s ‘Hallow-Windows’ for Halloween

If you’ve driven or walked through downtown Pulaski the past few weeks, you may have noticed several businesses have their windows decked out for Halloween.

Pulaski to bring training center, develop trade and entrepreneur skills

The Town of Pulaski has received a grant to start looking into developing a training center and makerspace. Officials are hopeful to help the community jumpstart their careers while building a highly skilled, competitive workforce.

I-81 Sunday accidents responders

We are talking to the first responders who were at the scene of two major accidents Sunday night. Together, a tractor trailer fire and another tractor trailer crash caused back-ups for hours along Interstate 81.

Interview with retiring Superintendent, Rita Bishop

Rita Bishop, of Roanoke City Schools, talked with WDBJ7's Joe Dashiell following her announcement.

7@four: Blacksburg Brew Do

The Blacksburg Partnership is hosting its 11th annual Blacksburg Brew Do this weekend. We are here with Marissa Handerhan and Diane Akers to learn more.

Averett Day of Engagement festivities

Averett University students and staff took part in the school's Day to Engage event.


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