Monday, August 19 Evening Update

Mon Aug 19 16:09:39 PDT 2019

Monday, August 19 Evening Update

The heat continues but cooler weather is headed in by the weekend.

Second Amendment sanctuary

After a historic win for state democrats this election, one of our hometowns is pushing back, declaring itself a "Second Amendment Sanctuary."

Natural Bridge chair tests

This chair normally rests in the museum of the Rockbridge Historical Society, but the chemistry lab at Washington and Lee is doing some tests on it to see exactly what kind of paints and treatments were used to decorate it almost two-hundred years ago.

Patrick County Community College adds new pathways

Patrick County Community College has expanded to give Patrick County residents access to courses for high demand careers.

UVA social justice conference

Teachers and students from across the country gathered Tuesday in an effort to better support student activism.

Lynchburg lack of affordable housing

Thousands of people in the Hill City are struggling to pay rent. After months of reviewing the numbers, Tuesday the city is hoping to take a step toward solutions.

Volunteer driver for cancer patients

The fight against cancer is tough enough, without worrying about how you're going to get to your treatments. To help ease some of that stress the American Cancer Society offers patients free rides to their medical appointments.


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