Allergies or coronavirus? WDBJ7 speaks to an expert

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 1:36 PM EST
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - With the sounds of chirping birds and the sights of budding trees, the dawn of spring is upon us.

But with spring comes a pest for many folks – allergies.

Dr. Joey Lane with Allergy Partners of Lynchburg says allergy season has begun.

But in a time of a pandemic, how can someone tell apart allergies from coronavirus?

“People typically do not have a fever with allergy issues so that can be one means of differentiating. People with allergy issues also tend not to lose their sense of taste and smell,” said Lane.

Lane says those allergy issues will be ramping up soon.

He says tree pollen will be a big issue as it peaks in April.

But with coronavirus vaccines out there, how can people be sure their symptoms are just their usual allergies?

“If they have been fully vaccinated, it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility that they have COVID-19 infection, but it would certainly make it less likely especially if their symptoms were more consistent with allergies such as the itching, the sneezing, the ocular symptoms, or if they say I have this every year around this time,” said Lane.

And right after tree pollen comes the grass pollen. Lane says you can expect allergy season to continue until the start of summer.

“Easter time and April tend to be the worst time of year for people with tree pollen allergies,” said Lane. “May and early June tend to be the worst time of year for people with grass pollen allergies. So, unfortunately, until we get into the hot, dry summer months, there isn’t going to be too much of a break for most people.”

But if you can’t tell if your symptoms better fit allergies or coronavirus, Lane recommends seeing your doctor.

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