Couple thanks nurse who stopped to help after crash

Published: Dec. 26, 2022 at 9:13 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - A family who survived a serious car crash is thanking the good Samaritan who stopped to help them.

It was a hug full of gratitude after a scary situation. Last month, Carilion Clinic nurse and veteran Allison Jones was driving home when she came across a crash.

“When you see cars like that you almost automatically assume there’s a fatality,” said Jones. “That’s just how bad it looked.”

Something told her to pull over and help.

“You want me to be honest? God telling me to stop,” explained Jones.

Sharon Boot was on her way to a bowling alley with her husband when the crash happened.

“I felt the car getting hit and spinning around and next thing I know I’m laying in the back seat in pain,” said Boot.

Boot was stuck in the car with a displaced ankle. Her husband got out and was calling for help when Jones got to the scene, wanting to make sure Sharon Boot wasn’t alone.

“Checked and made sure she still had pulses in her foot to make sure she still had blood flow to her foot,” added Jones. “As I’m also talking to her, I’m asking her what her name is, what her date of birth is, just to make sure she’s not confused and doesn’t have a head injury.”

Jones held Boot’s hand until EMS arrived.

“I really don’t know what would’ve happened if she hadn’t because I was ready to lose it,” explained Boot.

After recovering, Boot shared a photo of Jones to a Facebook group trying to find her.

“Because I wanted to tell her thanks for being my guardian angel and being there for me,” explained Boot.

Friends and family started tagging Jones in the comments and they reconnected. Monday, they met to have dinner, seeing each other for the first time since the accident.

“I always wondered how she was doing,” said Jones.

“It means everything. I wanted so badly to tell her in person how much it meant to me. And I’m so happy you stopped,” said Boot as she turned to Jones.

They are beginning a new friendship.

“And I hope I have another new friend,” said Boot. “Yes, for sure,” responded Jones.

Because the greatest good is what we do for one another.