Mill Mountain Zoo puts down their cougar

(Source: Public Domain Pictures)
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The Mill Mountain Zoo staff and veterinarian decided to humanely euthanize Nina the cougar on Sunday September 8. Nina spent 13 of her 14 years being cared for by the Mill Mountain Zoo staff.

The decision came after an evaluation of her quality of life after a physical, which revealed that she appeared to have a type of non-regenerative bone marrow disease. Despite multiple treatments, there was no sign of significant improvement to her condition.

A necropsy, performed shortly after her death, indicated that Nina was affected by a disease that prevented her from generating new red blood cells. Cancer of the bone marrow is suspected to be the cause of her recent decline, however further test results are being requested.

According to the Mill Mountain Zoo, Nina could often be seen resting in the sun, stalking her keepers, or interacting with the guests, and was an excellent ambassador for her species.