VA Del. Chris Hurst breaks silence on campaign sign incident

Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 2:08 AM EDT
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BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Virginia House of Delegates 12th District Incumbent Delegate Chris Hurst planned a watch party at the Courtyard Marriot Tuesday night as results came in. Hurst didn’t show up to the party until close to 11 p.m. as reporters and supporters came and went for hours.

Hurst was all over the news Tuesday morning as the Radford City Sheriff’s Office confirmed he had been stopped by a deputy following a woman seen vandalizing campaign signs. Hurst broke his silence late Tuesday night.

“We flipped over a couple of yard signs, took them, put them upside down and then put them right side up, that’s what we did.”

Hurst admitted the signs of Republican candidates were targeted, including his opponent for the 12th District Seat Jason Ballard, who early Wednesday was projected by the Associated Press to have beaten Hurst.

“This has been a real drag out race. It’s been very competitive and to some degree it’s been sometimes nasty. Election Eve, you’ve run a really hard race, a very long campaign and you just do a prank to be a goof and it happens to be done by somebody who is very apologetic for what they’ve done.”

He also spoke about why he was driving with a suspended license.

“The 93 Jeep didn’t have current insurance for it and I have not received a notice from DMV, so was not something I was aware of until the officers informed me of that.”

He apologized Tuesday night and said he needs to set a better example. He understands if his actions cost him votes on Election Day, but had no plans of conceding late Tuesday night.

“Let’s give the professionals time to count all of those ballots and see where we are once the dust finally settles, and I really am truly confident that when the dust settles we will hold onto the seat for the 12th District for the Democratic Party.”

“We know that there still is a lot of determination that needs to be made on how some of these outcomes are going to go and I know from being on that side, that sometimes people pack up and go home and say we’ll take a crack at it again in the morning, and I certainly want to respect that and if we can’t get a result tonight that’s perfectly fine, we’ll wait and see if we have any certainty tomorrow.”

WDBJ7 learned the race had been called for Ballard after speaking with Hurst.

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