Rescue Mission provides free warm meals for Christmas

Published: Dec. 25, 2022 at 5:35 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - The Rescue Mission of Roanoke showed loved to more than 500 people on Christmas Day in the form of a warm meal.

Spending holidays away from family is hard for many, such as Anya Keith. She is in the recovery program at the mission. But friends are the family we choose.

“So, to be able to come here and have a Christmas meal with my new family is very heartwarming and very touching. And I believe that’s the way God would want us to share his message,” said Keith.

Keith was one of over 500 people who received a free warm meal at the non-profit.

“We had some really delicious ham. And corn and green beans. We had sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, warm rolls,” explained Keith. “I just ate a cookie with some really great green icing on it. It was really soft and fresh. You could tell they were, like, homemade.”

The Rescue Mission’s Marketing Director Kevin Berry says they try to make this meal a special one.

“Our servers bring food directly to the guest. They can let them know what they want. They can say what they don’t. It’s a much more family-oriented feeling today at the rescue mission and that’s exactly how we want it,” said Berry.

This is because many of their guests don’t have a home or a family to spend holidays with.

“This is that place where they can get that feeling of home,” added Berry. “This is where they have those people that they know or where they rely on volunteers to give them that warmth and love.”

Over 50 volunteers spent the holiday morning prepping meals and serving others.

“There’s nothing like spending Christmas and any of the holidays here serving. It’s the best way to really truly appreciate the season,” said Roanoke Mission Volunteer Reuben Gobezie. “And anybody that I know that’s ever done it says they’d never not do it again,” providing Keith and others a merry Christmas.

“I just had a joy and peace knowing that I’m warm and that I am safekeeping here,” added Keith.

Berry says The Rescue Mission is always in need of volunteers and donations.